The Muslim And Himself- A Profile



He adopts moderation in food and drink


He Exercises regularly


His Body and clothes are clean


He has good appearance 




Knowledge is an obligation and an honour for the Muslim


He continually seeks knowledge throughout his life


About what Muslims need to know


He should be proficient in his field of specialism


He exposes himself to information about other fields


He is proficient in a foreign language




He purifies his soul through worship


He keeps company with righteous people


He frequently makes du'as and supplications described in ahadith 




The Muslim And His Lord- A Profile



Is obedient to the commands of his Lord


Is alert at all times to staying on the straight path


Has a sense of responsibility for those under his\her authority


Accepts the will and decree of Allah-The Exalted 


Turns to Allah in repentance regularly


His main concern is the pleasure of Allah (swt)


He regularly performs the duties and good deeds required by Islam.


He is a true servant of Allah


He reads and understands the Qur'an regularly


"Certainly the believers will have succeeded."


 Surat Al Mu'minun (The believers) 23.1


Disciplining The Soul
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A Message For The Youth
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