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Your Health

How many calories you need each day depends on your age, gender and level of physical activity, but as a general rule:

  • The average man needs around 2,500 calories a day
  • The average woman needs around 2,000 calories a day.
  • As you get older, your calorie need may reduce by a couple of hundred calories a day as your metabolic rate falls.

Keeping track of calories in food can help you balance the energy you need with the energy you require. Having variety in your diet from the following food groups will help keep you healthy and your weight in check!

  • Fruit and veg
  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta
  • Meat, fish, eggs and beans
  • Milk and lower fat dairy products

Benefits of a healthy diet

 If your diet lacks essential nutrients, it can decrease your ability to concentrate. Eating too much or too little can also interfere with your ability to focus. A heavy meal may make you feel lethargic, while too few calories can result in distracting hunger pangs.

Benefit your brain: Strive for a well-balanced diet full of a wide variety of healthy, wholesome foods.


Find out why an Avacado is so amazing.


STOP  Conflict ,Poverty And Human Right Abuses


UK Banks invest in mass weapons production. 


Barclays £7.3Bn; HSBC £450M; RBS £36M; Lloyds TSB £717M; HBOS £483M  STOP THEM fuelling war, poverty and human suffering around the world. End scottish arms trade with Israel.

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Preserve the wealth,honour,fulfilment of the rights of people ,animals and the environment. 

We seek refuge with Allah from the evil of our own souls and from our evil deeds.


Whomever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomever Allah leaves astray, none can guide

The journey of the human soul

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It is a great blessing from Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) when a person is able to see and value the things of this world as they really are. That is when he or she will be able to utilise their learning to benefit their Akhirah (Hereafter).

Repent and Change

“Moreover, whatever of anything you are given is (no more than) an enjoyment of worldly life and its decoration, and that which lies with Allah is much better and far more lasting. So do you not use reason?” [Surah al-Qasas: Ayat 60]


As Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) used to, we should  ask Allah (subhana 'ala) to show us the reality of things as they really are and that He guides us to  Siraatal Mustaqeem - the Straight Path.



Health Tips

Benefits of drinking green tea

Green Tea

Drinking green tea or oolong tea offers the combined benefits of caffeine and catechins, substances shown to rev up the metabolism for a couple hours. Research suggests drinking two to four cups of either tea may push the body to burn extra calories each day.

Get the healthy sleep you need

Stress and anxiety interferes with healthy sleep. Some people with stress and anxiety sleep too much, others can't fall asleep easily. As you recover from stress and anxiety, relearn good sleep habits. Start by going to bed and getting up the same time each day. Use relaxation techniques to help fall asleep. Healthy sleep makes you feel better physically and mentally.

Exercise to change the way you feel

For some people, exercise works as well or even better than antidepressants. You don't have to run a marathon, just take a walk with a friend. As time goes on, increase activity until you exercise on most days. You'll feel better physically, sleep better at night and feel more positive.

Ramadan Mubarik-2022

Grilled Peach Salad Recipe - NEW


Grilled peach salad is the ultimate summer side dish recipe. The peaches are grilled until smoky and extra sweet served with rocket ,blueberries, curry pecans and a honey vinaigrette. Add some feta cheese or avocado and you have just made the best grilled salad ever. 


Grilled Peaches are so easy to make !


Cut your peaches in half (like an avacado !) and twist the halves off of the pit.Slice each half into three pieces and toss them in a tiny bit of avocado or olive oil.

Then grill the peaches for a few minutes on each side. 



Check out the full instructions and ingredient list below.


Grilled Peach Salad With Curry Pecans & Honey Vinaigrette 


* This recipe is shared from The Endless Meal.